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-things go better with coca cola-




This is my first blog and I didn’t know how to start. This blog is part of my lecture which is advertising and sales promotion so i decided to start by searching advertisements on youtube.


What i’ve found is coca cola commercials. The top one is old and the bottom one is new cocacola advertisement. While the old one is black&white, the new one is a video game developed by an advertisement agency. Except the effects of time and technology on these ads, they have very similar messages.


In the first one drinking cokeĀ makes people happier while they are moving in a house so things go better with coca cola. The second one is a video game based on killing, robbing and pillaging which made the game popular. The commercial’s message is ‘give a little love and all comes back to you’. After he drinks coke, he is performing acts of goodwill. So things still go better with coke;)



3 Responses to “-things go better with coca cola-”

  1. this ads is nice, I like it too. I’ve looked it also in youtube but I haven’t put it on my blog yet.

  2. I totally ADORE the more modern Coke AD. When i first saw it, initially i thought great!! More shooting and killing, like that awful game.GRAND THEFT AUTO. but as the story unfolds, you realise the coke side of life is a happier, lighter one. Instead of pillaging amd burning and shooting, you get a carnival by the end of the ad. Absolutely fantastic. Coke makes EVERYTHING alright. Shame about the sugar content though.

  3. Oh i forgot!!! Talking about MUSIC, does anyone remember this tune from the movie ‘Bugsy Malone’??? Starring Jodie Foster?? It just clicked!!!

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